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The Theft Protection Guarantee is proof of that. Your monitoring equipment is the backbone to help protect your home. Present it to your insurance company, and see how much you could save. If you are dissatisfied with your system within six months and ADT has tried its best to resolve it, the company will refund all monitoring and installation fees. An ADT monitored security system will help keep them safe. And with ADT specials and deals, you can save on your home security monitoring.

Get help protecting your home and family today! When installing our system, we were never advised that we should hook up a monitor to this system so that we could view activity. I recognize that integrating this type of technology is complicated, but the other security system provider that we had previously used was able to combine all cameras into one system which could be viewed either via app or internet browser.

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It was the most recent technical problem that convinced me that using ADT was a big mistake. When we installed our system, we added a new feature to automate the garage doors this was brand new and NOT using any of the old equipment left by the prior homeowners. The technician that was sent out replaced the associated equipment, and iit started working again. This time, the technician that was sent out informed me that my garage door opener brand is incompatible with ADT equipment and will continue to short circuit and burn out as a result. There was no recommended fix for this problem, and that ADT only learned of this issue about a year ago.

However, this equipment had been installed only a 3 or 4 months prior, so I do not understand why ADT would have allowed this installation if they knew about this issue. After many hours spent trying to contact the right people within ADT to solve this problem, one of the customer service supervisors provided me with a statement credit and indicated that the manager at the local ADT office advised me to purchase a particular type of garage door opener at my own expense , which should then work with ADT equipment.

When I attempted to directly contact this local office manager in order to determine the exact equipment model to purchase, I left three voicemails, none of which were returned. I exchanged an email with someone at ADT corporate, presumably about the frustrating situation, but when I inquired about HOW to get the local office manager to call me back, she also stopped responding I tried sending the email twice. At the end of the day, I believe that ADT wants to provide a good product and customer service, however, communication system is disjointed, broken and ineffective.

The most disappointing thing is the fact that three different parties in different parts of their organization have gone completely cold in response to my attempts to determine how to fix my problem. I can only assume that they are completely incapable of addressing situations that are outside of the norm, especially when the issue is something that they should have informed me about before the equipment was installed.

This is not only a disgrace from a customer service perspective, but completely insulting to a consumer who has a choice when selecting a home security service. Not specifically to do with the cameras, more the system it is attached to, but generally speaking you are only able to record a single 30s clip every 5 minutes. Its widely known any time you see a camera and an ADT logo on the house, you just need to toss something in front of the camera, and then come back 30 seconds later.

You now have 4: How embarrassing to say the least. Though ADT Alarm may make most of their customers happy, they did not do so with this 1. I continue to pay for a system that does not work. And I continue to get the runaround to get it fixed. My advice: Be aware and shop around. And stay away from contracts.

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When my contract with ADT expired, I contacted the company to disconnect my service, which they did, but they continued taking the monthly payment from my checking account. Recently, I spoke with a representative of ADT, followed up by a manager. The rep stated that she has numerous notes showing my attempts to get MY money back.

How This Security Company May Have Tricked Customers To Switching Alarm Systems

The manager basically said that I was owed the money, and after a brief hold, advised that they owed me nothing. She had passed away and the home was vacant, newly listed on the market. The intruder s returned the following evening and attempted to make entry again. So when I called ADT on a Thursday I expressed that in order to sign the contract I would need assurance that installation could be done within a few days. The original Customer Care Manager promised me it would be done the next day. In the late evening before the apt.

I received a voicemail that the branch manager had cancelled the appointment. The third appointment was scheduled for the following Tues. I explained how I was reluctant to schedule a third time since it was a four hour commute time and I had to reschedule several meetings. That Monday, with no explanation, the branch manager again cancelled the install. ADT has three major problems that potential buyers should be aware of:.

When I asked to speak to someone at the top of the organization chart, they could never identify anyone and I was not allowed to speak to a supervisor. When I finally did receive a phone call after cancelling the contract, the number I was given, went directly to voice mail. I tried that person five times! Your safety is my number one priority. ADT should assign one customer care manager to each case and they should be able to follow up until the problem is resolved.

To add insult to injury, ADT tried to blame me for the cancellations. I spoke to eight customer care managers and was on the phone for more than 5. The branch officer would cancel the install even after I received the automated confirmation calls. We installed it ourselves. Click here to cancel reply. Name required.

Email will not be published required. You can use these tags: This site is a U. Consumer site. You can learn more about our site and privacy policy here. Overall Rating 4 out of 5. Professional monitored home security. Pet-friendly sensors up to 80 pounds. Expandable a la carte systems. View Plans. Written by: Trevor Wheelwright. Is ADT worth the cost? We looked at ADT's equipment for basic security, home automation, and security cameras to decide how it compares.

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ADT home security system. ADT offers both touchscreen and keypad hubs. Door sensors are the first line of defense in your alarm system. Make sure your door frame has enough room to open and close without catching the sensor.

Window or access sensors can be attached to nearly anything that can be opened and closed. These are typically stick-mounted and wireless. Motion detectors are great in big open spaces, like a living room or basement. What security equipment does ADT have? Two-way voice intercom system. Verify the type of system you have: You may want to remember this or write this down somewhere.

Basic security features. ADT Pulse control panel displays functions clearly. Home automation. One of our favorite features of ADT is energy efficiency control with wireless digital thermostats. Either control it directly remotely with a smartphone or use a pre-programmed setting to stay cozy. ADT allows you to use your smartphone to control and check the status of your garage with this controller.

Use a key, passcode, or your smartphone to lock and unlock doors anywhere.

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These deadbolts protect your home and keep you in the loop. For those worried about a possible break-in, you can turn on lights before you enter your home, ensuring that your home is clear. You can remotely adjust the Nest thermostat with the Pulse app. Have you ever forgotten whether you locked the front door or not? Mobile control. Your remote control will likely have four buttons: Stay Arming — Arms your perimeter, but not inside motion sensors. This allows you to stay safe inside your home. Away Arming — Arms both interior and exterior. Disarm — Disengages the system without typing in your code.

Panic — Alerts police, must be held for 3 seconds this feature helps to avoid false alarms. ADT Pulse mobile app. ADT Pulse app displays video feeds and more. ADT security cameras. What types of cameras does ADT use? Store clear audio and video for viewing anywhere, records from all cameras simultaneously. Customer experience. ADT system ordering. ADT system installation.

ADT system incident procedure. ADT Pricing. Equipment costs These costs can vary widely from home to home, and ADT is pretty tight-lipped about specific costs until you get a consultation. Monitoring costs. What is monitoring?

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Monitoring is a term often confused. Providers Contract length No-contract option? Learn more ADT 36 mos. No View plans Vivint None, 42 mos. Yes View plans. ADT charges for an extended warranty. ADT uses phone line, broadband cable line, or cellular service. ADT cellular service has high monthly fees. Why should I get a cellular system over a wired system? Does ADT do a credit check? What if my power goes out?