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No reason to start taking rights away.. Not very good role models we are…. You know very little you stay tight with your video games. Flutter onward and catch a comet dufuss. By your logic, they were statistically more likely to get into their cars and try to kill each other. Which anyone else can see is a pretty stupid idea. Car co. Personally i think many are designed like death traps not safer today than 30 years ago. Just look at the stats.

If my mother were still alive, she would say that vendor is a simple Simon. I would have to agree. This action on his part is unforgiveable. No excuses. Signs were clearly posted that no guns at the show were to contain rounds. Perhaps the embarrassment of the incident will serve a heavy toll on his psyche.

This guy teaches and instructs proper gun use? This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated.

Eagle Arms Gun Show

Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated. Will Rule 1: July 1, at Steven Ginty Every year drownings alone claimed deaths of children. July 1, at 6: Warlock Sure.

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Because like cars pools are exactly like firearms. Oh, wait. July 2, at 4: Ted Accident?? June 30, at Emma Metzger-Wickersham. July 1, at 1: July 1, at 9: June 30, at 7: Will No, this was criminal negligence and stupidity. June 30, at 5: Jon Anthony aaannnd…….?? June 30, at 1: June 30, at 9: Oscar Madison Where in the article did it say that it was her Firearm being used in the demonstration? July 1, at 5: Garben IT was the idiot ladies personal gun she had brought to find a holster for from home!

June 29, at 9: June 29, at 5: June 29, at 8: Smith Was there an ATM there? June 29, at Warlock Suuure. Forms are filled out and background checks are done.

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Uh huh. I find your naivete adorable. Dangerous and predictable but adorable. Thatsme Warlock your lacking intelligence.

Yuri Thatsme: June 30, at 2: Hans So this why the grocery stores have ATMs around? Now I get it. July 2, at 2: June 29, at 2: June 29, at 4: Joe Schmoe You know what. Joe Schmoe I guarantee the woman is pro-gun and probably still is. Thatsme If guns are sooo deadly how does anyone make it out of a gunshow. June 29, at 1: Paul Revere Wow — we actually require you to be 16, take tests, and regulate the hell out of the auto industry — and cars can be deadly, but there have been countless initiatives to bring down the death rate and make them safer.

Warlock Yes, vehicles are designed to be safe. Gun are designed to destroy. Jaac Hey jBrony, poor brainwashed comparison on your part there… How many people own cars? Warlock And all those vehicles you drive require registrations and insurance and a license to operate them.

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My point stands, jbrony. Yuri When you compare the ratio of driver to annual driver deaths to the number of gun owners to firearms-related deaths, guns are responsible for way more fatalities, per capita, than cars. Phillip Following basic firearms safety rules would have avoided this accident.

July 1, at 2: Red What a dork! Event Leesport Gun Show. City Leesport. City Delta. Event East Stroudsburg Gun Show. City East Stroudsburg. City Brookville. City Alexandria. Event Split Rock Gun Show. City Lake Harmony. City Kittanning. Event Oaks Extravaganza Gun Show. City Phoenixville. City West Middlesex. Event Gettysburg Gun Show.

Bloomsburg Gun Show (Feb ), Bloomsburg USA - Trade Show

City Gettysburg. Event Lebanon Valley Gun Show. City Lebanon. Event Philadelphia Gun Show. City Philadelphia. Event Carlisle Gun Show. City Carlisle. City Gardners. City Stroudsburg. Event Wind Gap Gun Show.

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    Event Thompson Gun Show. City Thompson. Feb 16th — 17th, May 4th — 5th, Oct 12th — 13th, Eagle Arms Sporting Show Coupon. Reviews Why are people talking about Allentown show? I went to the Allentown show also. This was my 4th time there. Good show, lots of stuff. Leave a Review Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.